Husqvarna Lawn Mower LB 548S e

A compact and dedicated BioClip® mower with front-wheel drive for commercial use. The standard-sized 48 cm cutting deck makes it a perfect solution for complex and narrow areas or as a complementary trimming tool for ride-on or robotic mowers.



Powered by a Honda engine, this is a self-propelled mower with a 48 cm cutting width and BioClip mulching.

A key benefit of this machine is that it features Husqvarna’s BioClip cutting method. This essentially involves the deck cutting the grass twice, finely chopping it so that it can be returned to the surface of the lawn where it acts as a natural fertiliser, perfect for promoting healthy future growth. Because it is cut so finely, it still provides a great finish in the right conditions, while saving you all the effort of collecting. You can adjust the cut height with a single lever, between 30 and 60 mm in six stages.

This is a self-propelled model, so you don’t need to push it around your garden. It has a single speed of 5 km/h, and features an anti-vibration, side-adjustable ergonomic handle so that you can work in comfort and for longer, without fatigue. The LB 548S e also has improved front-wheel drive, giving optimal handling.