Husqvarna Lawn Mower LB 553S

A reliable, robust BioClip® machine, designed for tough, professional use. The design has focussed on achieving the best possible ergonomic conditions for the operator, and good cutting results, even in wet weather.



Heavy-duty, cast aluminium chassis provides increased strength and longer life. The handle and the steering mechanism are effectively vibration dampened. The LB 553S is self propelling, with front-wheel drive for optimal handling. Light-weight wheels of aluminium, with double ball bearings and rubber tyres. Rubber tyres provide deeper tread depth for increased traction and a more comfortable drive.

The high-spec Honda engine is powerful and easy starting. The BioClip® cutting method means the grass is cut twice and finely chopped before being returned to the lawn as a natural fertiliser. Comfortable spring-loaded central cutting height adjustment featuring 5 increments with a span from 27 to 64 mm. The central cutting height adjustment is spring-loaded to make adjustment as easy as possible.