Husqvarna Pressure Washer PW 480

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Max pressure
180 bar

Water flow
540-610 l/h

With the pressure control you can adjust the water flow and operation pressure perfectly. Includes an integrated detergent tank which is controlled on the front panel. The brass pump head ensures outstanding long-term performance. A steel-armed high-pressure hose is included. The Low Force grip activates the trigger with less effort and more comfort for your hand. The induction motor ensures a dependable performance, while the aluminum carrying handle facilitates transportation. Quick hose coupling, large and robust wheels for better traction, and a long spray lance add to the experience. Two swivel functions, for nozzle adjustment and quick connection, prevent hassle. On-board accessory storage, hose reel, and power cord storage make operation efficient. Two nozzles are included.

Get a fresher look to your vehicles, garden furniture, walls, stone settings or patio. Your Husqvarna pressure washer is prepared to take on just about any space outside where dirt and dust has gathered. All Husqvarna pressure washers have been built for maximum cleaning performance and high durability. The user experience has been carefully designed, with generous hose lengths, quick connections, and swivel functions to prevent the hose from tangling. A Husqvarna pressure washer actually uses about 80% less water to get the job done compared to a regular hose.