Husqvarna Robotic Mower Automower® Aspire™ R4

Compact robotic lawn mower, optimised for mowing smaller lawns and narrow passages.



Automower Husqvarna Aspire™ R4 – Excellent robotic mower for your garden


Husqvarna Automower® Aspire™ R4 is equipped with a frost guard and weather timer that adjusts mowing depending on the weather, providing reliable operation and optimal results. With the Automower® Connect app, you get full control of the mower and can manage and monitor it on your mobile phone. The mower can also be integrated with your smart home so you can use voice control with Alexa or Google Home, or take advantage of IFTTT routines. Storage is facilitated by the compact design and the included Aspire™ hooks.

  • Compact Performance
  • Compact Storage
  • Automower® Connect app
  • Smart Home integration
  • Weather timer
  • Systematic Passage Mowing
  • Smart Connections with IFTTT
  • FOTA – Firmware-Over-The-Air
  • Automatic passage handling – PATENTED
  • Frost guard
  • Easy cleaning
  • Low Carbon Emissions


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